916 - 16.0-Inch Remote Control Monitor

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916 - 16.0-Inch Remote Control Monitor


Stang’s 916 Remote Control Super-Low-Profile Monitor is the largest production water cannon in the world. This giant was engineered to launch 21,000 GPM exceeding 600-feet!

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The 916 Remote Control Super-Low-Profile Monitor (RCM) is designed for very large fireboats and offshore platforms. Delivering up to 21,000 GPM up to 500-feet, the 916 RCM is used where you need to deliver a lot of water on target, every time. The standard 916 RCM is controlled via a tethered control box with a single joystick. Options include nozzle and valve controls, as well as true wireless and Bluetooth control signals. Electric and hydraulic power options are offered. Monitor control software for your smart phone or tablet is now available!


Stang’s 916 is rated for offshore severe duty in any climate condition. Using U.S. sourced smooth bore Schedule 40, 16.0-inch diameter stainless steel piping, the 916 RCM consists of three sections: the intake base, lower ell, and the upper ell. The intake base provides the foundation for the first swivel, the horizontal axis swivel. This swivel rotates 320° and houses the first of two electric or hydraulic motors. The upper ell incorporates the vertical swivel, second motor and monitor outlet(s). The vertical swivel has a +/- range of 80°/60°. Using movable environmentally sealed proximity sensors, each swivel’s travel can be easily adjusted to fit your specific application.


16.0" Remote Control Monitor, 230/380/460VAC Electric, 16.0" Raised Face Flange Inlet, 16.0" Raised Face Flange Outlet, Proximity Switches, 304 Stainless Steel, Red
Note: New installations require a monitor control module and starter panel.



Electric AC with multiple voltages available (explosive atmospheres certification available)
Hydraulic (low pressure)


16.0” raised or flat face 150# ANSI flange
Custom threads or flanges available


Single Outlet: 16.0” raised face 150# ANSI flange
Custom threads or flanges available


Electric proximity switches (explosive atmospheres certification available)


304 stainless steel
316 stainless steel
316L stainless steel


Powder coat red internally & externally
Custom powder coat colors available


All options below can be ordered for multiple monitor control and with custom programming.

•    Tethered (single monitor control)
•    Tethered w/Remote Finger Blabber Controls (single monitor control)
•    Tethered w/Water Valve Controls (single monitor control)
•    Tethered w/Remote Finger Blabber & Water Valve Controls (single monitor control)
•    Wireless
•    Bluetooth (apps available for your smart phone and tablet, too!)


•    Super-low-profile upper waterway design
•    320° horizontal rotation
•    140° vertical range
•    Four adjustable proximity (limit) switches
•    Very well balanced
•    Each swivel has two rows of stainless steel ball bearings for stability and easy of motion
•    Two zerk fittings on both swivels for easy maintenance
•    Industrial powder coating for corrosion and abrasion protection, applied internally and externally
•    Robust, hand welded joints
•    Simple, intuitive control system
•    Easily replaceable motors and proximity switches
•    Options for remote nozzle and water valve controls
•    Hydrostatically tested to 300 PSI for 5-minutes, minimum

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