John W. Stang Corporation opened in Southern California where Mr. Stang engineered engine-driven pump packages for the construction and industrial markets. Primarily used for dewatering, his systems would remove water from job sites allowing crews to continue working even in heavy rain. It is during this era that Stang patented our first water cannon designs.


Changing our name to Stang Hydraulics, Inc., Stang would design and trademark the widely popular Stanger and lntelligiant monitor product lines. These designs would stay in production for 25-years. Many of their attributes remain today in our current products.


With the success of the new monitor product lines, Stang opens multiple sales offices in the U.S., as well as Australia and South-East Asia. It is during this time that many important new designs were created, including skid and trainer mounted cannons, and our large-scale monitors.

Stang was acquired by investment group P&l Growth and becomes Stang Industries, Inc.


Stang hires Charles Ronie as President and CEO. Coming from the aviation manufacturing sector, Mr. Ronie brings years of experience fabricating high-end aviation structures and control systems. With this knowledge, Stang is purposefully guided toward a more modern and engineering-focused manufacturing company.


Stang introduces new technologies, including the super-low-profile monitor waterway design, the portable Firefly, and oscillating and programmable features.


Stang obtains the U.K. marine firefighting manufacturing company CounterFire Limited. With this acquisition, Stang becomes a force in the global maritime and offshore industries. Stang was now able to supply complete shipboard firefighting systems, including CounterFire’s renowned fire pumps.


Stang expands its global presence and moves operations to a new 38,000 sq. ft. facility located in Corona, California. This factory headquarters enables Stang to consolidate almost all manufacturing to one location. This coupled with onsite engineers and management means that every project receives immediate attention.


We celebrate our 75th anniversary! Recognized as the leader in water control equipment, Stang has made a reputation as not only producing the most reliable water monitors in the world, but also as an adaptive and imaginative engineering company.