Built on the principles of rational design and production, Stang has established a world-wide reputation for building superior water control and delivery systems by successfully balancing the need to stay under budget while providing future-proof designs.  We endeavor to set the standard.

We will work with your company to provide a quantifiable solution to your problem and we do this by starting from a clean slate where ideas are allowed to develop.  Using a ‘no idea is a bad idea’ philosophy, our design engineers are given the freedom to try out new concepts and theories.  This allows an inspirational, creative environment that has permeated into every aspect of our workplace culture.

Stang’s adaptive designs are refined and minimalist answers to intricate problems.

Once Stang’s proposal has been approved, our mechanical and electrical engineers get to work on moving the design to production reality.  Using Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and CAE software, we are able to provide sketches, certified line drawings and fully-rendered 3D models for your project.

Stang has delivered projects all over the world using technologies, such as:

  • Wired Controls - fiber optic, PROFIBUS, Ethernet and Dupline®

  • Wireless Controls - radio, Wi-Fi, infrared and Bluetooth® (via laptop, tablet or smart phone)

  • Remote Imaging (traditional, low-light and infrared)

  • Robotics

  • Enclosures (ballistic, explosion and environmental proof)

Using only quality raw material from trusted sources, our production crew cuts, welds, assembles, finishes, and tests each component by hand.  This may seem counterproductive in today’s fast-paced society, but we have come to realize that it’s this level of personal attention that enables our systems to function for decades.  In fact, Stang enjoys a returned material percentage due to failure of less than 2%.  That level of quality speaks for itself.

Each of Stang’s master craftsmen has a personal desire to deliver functional works of art.  These guys are flat-out virtuosos; many of whom have been here for three decades or more perfecting their skills!