Leading manufacturer of water delivery systems celebrates huge milestone; 75 years in the business of providing the best performing and most reliable water cannons in the world!

Corona, CA – August 1st, 2018 – Stang Industries, Inc., a leader in the design and fabrication of water monitors, today announced that the company is celebrating its 75th year in business this month. Stang was founded in August of 1943 as a manufacturer of dewatering equipment for the construction industry and today has become a global authority in water delivery solutions across many markets.

Over the years, Stang has become the standard and prides itself on fabricating the most robust product line available and has been do so continually in the United States from day one.

“75 years is a significant landmark for any company. We’ve worked very hard to get here and we’re excited to see what the next 75 will bring.  We will continue to focus on innovation, safety and quality,” states Charles Ronie, Stang’s President and CEO. “We want to personally thank all of our dealers, factory reps, and of course our customers for their support and patronage.”

For more information, call Stang at 951.479.9810.


Stang’s In-House Panel Shop Receives UL 508 Certification

Stang’s panel shop is now UL certified. All single and multi-monitor control modules and panels will now be UL listed in the United States and Canada. Stang’s UL file number is E486389. Please contact Stang Sales for further details.



Stang on new San Francisco fireboat

The August 2017 issue of Professional Mariner has a great article highlighting San Francisco Fire Department’s new fireboat, the St. Francis.  This 88-foot pumper is equipped with Stang monitors and CounterFire pumps.


Introducing our new 3-Inch manual SLP monitor, the Stangray

This monitor was designed from the ground-up for Los Angeles County Fire Department’s new generation of fire trucks. Collaborating with their Equipment Development Division, this monitor features an industry first collapsible handle which is designed to stow out of the way until needed.


Stang becomes ISO certified

With Stang’s recent ISO 9001:2015 certification, we’ve provided yet another reason to be confident in buying our products.